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Pulling Off an Easy, Delicious, and Healthy (Enough) Thanksgiving Dinner for 6...for only $100!

I love Thanksgiving. Back when I was about 15 years old, I decided to go all out and make a big, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner. At the time, I didn't have any experience cooking. It was a blast and a learning experience at the same time, and afterward cooking became one of my main hobbies for many years to come.

But now I'm a mom and a new business owner, and while I enjoy making delicious, nutritious meals for my family, cooking is no longer a top priority or even the way I prefer to spend my time. Our family arrives on Thanksgiving Day, and I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen upon their arrival; I want to enjoy their company and relax! We also happen to be on a budget at the moment. Going all out just doesn't make sense this year. At the same time, I want to serve an amazing meal to my loved ones. 

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