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The Power of "Can" and "Can't"

The words we choose are powerful – more powerful than we often realize. This past month, my 3-year-old Jayden has been repeatedly – nay, constantly – using the phrase, “I can’t!” (Imagine it in the cutest yet whiniest voice ever.)

For example:

R: “Let’s clean up your toys.”

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

R: “Jayden, meet so-and-so. Why don’t you say hi?”

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

R: "Stop banging your head on the floor.” (If only I were kidding... #toddlers #momlife)

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

You get the idea. He says “I can’t” to things that he very literally can, and where there is no question about his capabilities.

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