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Resolutions, Goals, Intentions...Oh My! How I'm Gearing Up for 2017

Starting around December 26th, there is a dramatic increase in talk about resolutions, goals, and intentions - particularly in the fitness world. Different folks will use different terms, and almost everyone has an opinion on if you should or should not set resolutions at this time of year, or ever. Instead of contributing to the noise by telling you guys what I think you should or shouldn’t do, I thought - maybe I would just share exactly what I’m doing this year and why.  

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Victim Mindset 101
“Why does bad stuff happen to me? What did I do to deserve it? This isn’t fair! Shouldn’t life be different? I did X...why didn’t Y happen as a result? ”

— the victim mindset

Ahhh, the victim’s mindset. It is one I know well…very well. While I did not know it, I spent most of my life operating with a victim mindset. I still fall into its trap from time to time, but over the past couple years I have developed a few tools that have helped me avoid it more regularly, pinpoint it sooner, reframe my thoughts and storyline, and turn it around to a more empowered mindset. 

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The Power of "Can" and "Can't"

The words we choose are powerful – more powerful than we often realize. This past month, my 3-year-old Jayden has been repeatedly – nay, constantly – using the phrase, “I can’t!” (Imagine it in the cutest yet whiniest voice ever.)

For example:

R: “Let’s clean up your toys.”

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

R: “Jayden, meet so-and-so. Why don’t you say hi?”

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

R: "Stop banging your head on the floor.” (If only I were kidding... #toddlers #momlife)

J: “I caaaaaan’t!”

You get the idea. He says “I can’t” to things that he very literally can, and where there is no question about his capabilities.

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